How To Make Stuffed Toys For Cats and Kittens To Play With
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Make Stuffed Aminal Plush Toys For Your Cats To Play

Cats are not only adorable but also independent. They love their owners, but do not like to be with them all the time. Cats are not only pets but a part of the whole family. So they should be kept happy by giving them the little time and some of the best toys that they can enjoy playing with. But for this you surely need not spend fortunes to make your pet cat and kittens happy and entertained. In fact you can make some of the most fun and handcrafted cat toys, that would just require your little time and only few bucks to invest in. You can even involve your kids, partner or your family members for this task. Further not only are these homemade and handmade plush toys cheap, but also an artistic way to keep your pet cat occupied pleasantly. Additionally, they are even better than the toys you buy from store, as you are aware of everything you are using to make toys for your cat.

1. DIY Mouse:

It is the most typical and amusing prey for a cat. This mouse can be made in two different ways and is equally liked by a cat.

1. DIY Mouse using Pom Pom Balls

Requirement: Two large Pom Pom Balls, non-toxic glue gun, grey colored felt fabric, string or ribbon, Non-toxic marker, pair of scissors, some thread and a needle.

First take two pom pom balls that are larger in size and stick them together using a glue gun.

Take a large piece of grey colored felt fabric and fold it into half and cut it into tear drop shape using a pair of scissors. The fabric when halved and cut should easily accommodate the pom pom balls sticked together.

The fabric should have two same teardrop shapes but attached from one side. Once the cutting is done, place the sticked pomp om balls inside the teardrop shaped fabric, just like filling up a taco.Seal the open sides with the non-toxic glue gun and finally sew it with the needle and thread to secure the mouse perfectly.Make mouse tail using either the ribbon or a thread string and stick it onto the bottom of mouse body.Finally with the help of a non-toxic marker, make two eyes, nose and mouth and your cat’s toy mouse is ready.

2. DIY Mouse using catnip:

This is the another variation of making a plushy or a cat toy using catnip. Catnip is an euphoric herb and it stimulates the pleasure senses of the cats as and when they sniff it. It excites the cats and relaxes them too, further aiding them to fall asleep. You can find catnip on a local shop or online. You can either use whole catnip stuffing or mix it with some loose yarn or wool chunks or batting.
Requirement: required catnip stuffing, scrap fabric or cloth piece of desired size, non-toxic marker, thread, needle, hair tie, pair of scissors.

First cut the round pieces out the scrap fabric or cloth piece of same size using a pair of scissors.

On one round piece draw a mouse face using a non-toxic marker and stuff it with some catnip and sew it with the other round piece of fabric using the needle and a thread.

For making a tail, cut a hair tie and make a hole on the tail end of the mouse. Now tie the hair tie onto the hole and sew it nicely.

2.  DIY toy using a Sock:

This DIY  toy is very easy to make, you can make the choice of filling, whether you want a catnip filling or paper filling. It does not requirement so many things but is as usable and entertaining like any other DIY toy. It is just a 5 minute craft and you can have your cat jumping over this DIY toy.

Requirements: Unused Sock, Choice of stuffing, A nontoxic permanent market.


Grab any unused sock, and stuff it with the stuffing of your choice. You can use a mixture of catnip, wool pieces, cotton balls or you can just use some paper. Paper would be a great idea because of the crinkling sound they make when the toy is rolled or played with and this would certainly amuse you cat.

Once the stuffing is done, twist over the sock where the stuff is completed and tie a tight and clean knot.

Further draw eyes and mouth and make your cat’s toy more realistic.

Make these toys using different types of stuffing and see how your cat reacts to them.

3. DIY Fish:

Cats love fishes, not that they really adore them, but they want to eat them. So why not try a DIY Fish using very little items and in few minutes, your cat would have its own toy fish.

Requirement: Felt fabric, Catnip, Sewing machine, Needle, Thread and a pair of scissors.


Take the large piece of felt fabric and fold it.Cut it into Fish shape and stuff in between with the catnip and sew it.With the leftover piece of the fabric cut out a pair of small and slightly larger roundels for fish’s eyes. Also, make a pair of fins using the leftover fabric Sew the eyes onto the fish body, keeping the smaller roundel over the larger one. Also sew the fins on the sides and the fish is ready to be played with.Be more creative and draw some beautiful designs on your cat’s fish.Well, you can try and craft a lot of DIY toys for your cats like cat pillow, cat yarn ball, plushy snake and internet is flooded with the ideas. You just have to be cautious of choosing the ingredients and you can make some really cute and cat-friendly toys that are not only inexpensive but are completely safe and are ready to be made in less time.