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Plush Pets: Cat And Puppies Toys | Grumpy Animals

We all know that quality time is really important for everyone. It not only gives us mental stimulation, but also release endorphins or what we call as happy hormones. Other than this it perks up our body mind and soul for the next time. This quality time is not only important for us humans, but also for our pets, be it dogs, cats, rabbits or any animal. We don’t get animals just for us but they also need that rejuvenation for their mental stimulation, in maintaining their physical health and also, it helps to build up and maintain that bond between your pet and yourself. So, how do we do that?

Well, there are certain things that you can do, like playing with your pet, taking him or her out for a walk. But that is not possible every time. So, a great idea would be to invest in some pet toys, that could really perk up their mood and they will always be engaged. So before buying these, few things that one should keep in mind, so that they don’t end buying something filthy or inappropriate.

Things to consider before buying pet toys:

  1. Always look for durable toys and not those techy ones that might not work for your pet.
  2. When picking your pet toys, consider picking those which are of right size for your pet.
  3. It is really important to look for toys that works great for the age of your pet. For e.g. A baby pet with still growing would not like to play with anything hard, in fact it would love softer, furrier or rubbery fabric toys. For older pets, you could invest in some quality rope pulls or balls. In market, there are a lot of pet toy options available depending on the age of your pet.
  4. Also, the breed of your pet should be considered accordingly for choosing the right pet toy.
  5. Last but not the least, look for toys that do not have any sharp edges, as pets do have a tendency to chew their toys. This would avoid any type of destruction your pet could face.

What are Plush toys?

Also known as Plushies or stuffed toys, they are made of a very soft, cushiony fabric, filled with cotton or a similar material. There are both high quality and low quality plush toys available in the market. So, it would be great if you look for a high quality plush toy, as when you squeeze the toy, it feels very smooth and soft and rebounds to its shape once you leave it. Unlike high quality ones, low quality plush toys are overstuffed and when you squeeze them, they feel very hard and rigid.

Plush toys are the most loved type of toys for most pets. They are perfect for the young or rather baby pets who have not entered their teething phase. Also, Plush toys not only encourage your pets to pursue their natural prey stalking behavior but also could help them work on pounce and chase exercise that they require. Additionally Plush toys are also great for naps, for that cuddly comfort that your pet wants. Apart from being great for snuggle, they are easy to fetch or chew. The soft filling inside the Plush toys protects the pet’s mouth during play and also prohibits any injuries or other problems. It is safe to avoid Plush toys that have filling of beans, nut shells or polystyrene beads.

Further, we all know that safety of your pets is very much equal to the safety of your baby. Choose these plush toys, as if you are choosing them for your baby. And when you bring them home, just rub them onto your pets warmer or bedding so that it takes your pet’s smell. This not only makes them more familiar with their toys but also eventually lets them make a connection with their toy.

There are plenty of Plush toys available in the market. Some of the types of Plush toys are look-alike Plush toys for instance Persian cat toys, jelly cats, black battle cats, puppies, etc, while some are other plush toys like the fleece balls, stuffed animals, etc.

Lookalike Plush toys

Nowadays there are many companies in the market that make the exact replicas of your pets. They are called as cuddle clones. You just need to click a photo of your pet and send it to the company and they will make a Plush clone toy for your pet. It is a great toy for your pet and can give those hours of fun that they might not get when you are not around. So, in short they are also good for that unsupervised play time.

Other Plush toys

Apart from lookalike plush toys, there are also grumpy stuffed animals, grumpy ragdoll cats which make for the perfect plush toy for your cats. The soft fleece balls can be a great play object for your dogs.

Plush toys are really important for your pets and they can actually make your pets laugh, play have fun, whether you are with them or not. Plush toys can be a perfect solution for their loneliness. They can not lonely snuggle them and go for a hearty sleep but can also pounce, chase or chew them and you can do your work or catch out with your friends without any worry because you know that like you, your pet is also having a great time with its assortment of plus toys.