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Order Online | Copy Your Adorable Pet To Stuffed Toy

How would you feel if you have to be away from your pet for some days or may be forever? You would certainly feel sad, everyone would. Your pet was a companion to you in every little thing you did. But what if you get a cloned version of your pet, obviously not a living one though. You would not feel elated. Yeah you would!

So, there is a good news for all those pet lovers who had either sad good bye to their beloved pet or are living away from their pets for few days. Because they know that how hard it is to say good bye to your pet when your pet is no more. Sometimes It is more harder than bidding good bye to your relative while they dye. While I was looking for a gift for one of my friend who had this really furry and adorable cat, Lisa but sadly it died and she was really sad. To perk her up, I wanted something, kind of a memoir for Lisa and I came across few websites that said that they could make a complete look alike or rather a clone of your pet. For this you just have to click some pictures taken at different angles and send them, they will create an exact replica of your pet, stuffed animal clone, created in the exact dimensions that you stated them. Their work is so immaculate that for once you would feel that it is not a clone but your real pet. Isn’t it Great? At least I had this experience. Since Lisa was too close to my friend and I also loved her so I had few pictures of her. I went ahead and send these pictures to them and asked them where to deliver it? I wanted it to be a surprise for my friend. Within a very little time, they delivered the stuffed animal clone. I know you want to know the expression on her face. For this read the complete article so that I can let you know some of the good websites that does this job.

  1. Cuddle Clones: This is the website that caters to making your pet into a stuffed clone. Jennifer Graham is the founder of Cuddle Clones. For making a stuffed clone, they just require a few pictures of your pet taken from different angles. Send them and see the results, very much closer to what your pet looked. They are very much cheaper when compared to Taxidermy, wherein you take your pets skin, get it stuffed and build a look alike of your pet. Not only is taxidermy an expensive process but is rather a very creepy option, because though the stuffed clones do look like the real animals, but they do have the features and dimensions which make them look mor
  2. e like a toy rather a real pet. If not happy with the replication then you would be offered a 100 percent refund. Some of the animals that they have plush cloned are guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, pigs and even lizards. Would not you want to them and see the results on your own? Well, for that purpose, below is their website link :
  3. My Petsies: It is another website that works on the same lines as done by cuddle clones. The team is driven by founder and CEO Alex F. whose main aim is to bring comfort and joy to all the pet lovers. They have created more than 45,000 custom stuffed clones which says a lot about their working style and results. They have a very unique style of hand sewing the clones to match to the pet’s effigy. Apart from the regular pets like dogs, cats, horses, they even clone rats, turtles and birds and in any size. You name it they will make it, is what they believe in. They even give a 100 percent craftsmanship guarantee. They even have two different varieties of stuffed clones, huggables and forevers. Huggables are made of super soft faux fur and are more adorable and snuggly. They are great for gifting your kids and pet lovers. Forevers are the actual replica of your pet and so are made of premium faux material with complete airbrushing techniques to match the detailings of your pet. They are more like keepsakes and memoirs of your pets. The web link of this particular unit is mentioned below.    Website Link:
  4. Shelter pups: Another one that deals with custom made stuffed clones is Shelter Pups. A company based New York, claims that within a weeks’ time you have your clone baby ready. They only specialize in making stuffed clones of dogs and cats. They custom clone a variety of breeds of dogs and cats like pit bull, American eskimo, terrier, Labrador, Rhodesian ridgeback, Chinese crested, chihuahua, boxer, dobermann, poodle, cattle dog, pomerian, golden retriever and what not. A major part of their earnings also goes to rescue real dogs and cats, and local shelters. They use things that are completely earth friendly and natural which are 100 percent ma
  5. de in USA. Their web link is mentioned below.Website link:

Custom made stuffed clones are very much usable in every sense for all the pet lovers. Not only you can buy them for your living pets, but also as a keepsake of your pet when it dies. If you are a hardcore pet lover and it is really difficult for you to stay away from your pet even if it is just for one day then why not get a miniature version of your pet and I promise you would not be able to miss him again because you know you have it right there with you but in the miniature form and you can carry him anywhere and everywhere you want.

Whether it is Cuddle clones, shelter pups or My petsies, everyone is perfect in their own way, you just have to deliver your specifications and decide on one, send in the photos of your pet, fill up a form and submit. They will send you back an experience like never before, and you will feel speechless with the results.

Interestingly, how funny it would be to see the expression on your pet’s face when he sees his very own mirror image. You want to know, then why not go ahead and try one!Gift it to your kid, your friend or your close relative and they would thank you for this lifetime experience.