Wierd Squishales And Giant Narwals Can Be Attractive Stuffed Toy
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Funny Looking Squishables Plush | Kids Best Companion

Kids world is really very different. They love anything that is colorful and soft. Interestingly they fall in love with colorful cartoon looking plush toys that actually do not exist in the real world. And why just only kids, not to lie, even we adults find such toys amusing and cool. So, in this fun little world of Plush toys, there is a very cool category of squishable plushies. They not only look funny but are equally soft and huggable.

Squishables are huge plump spherical stuffed animals with a fuzzy body. A little different from regular Plush toys, they are loved by everyone. Coming in different shapes and forms, these could be the perfect snuggling toys for your babies. Though the standardsquishables are giant in size but they do come in other different sizes like micros and minis depending on the choice and demand of the users. Now, let us have a look at the different variants of Squishables available in the market.

  1. Squishable Minis: They some in really very small sizes or in the baby forms of different animals like mini squishable baby unicorn, mini baby owl, mini pug, mini bunny, mini pig, mini octopus, mini prism tortoise, mini rat, baby platypus, mini pony, baby sea bunny, lazy cub, mini fox, mini panda and even in the form of comfort foods, like mini sandwich, mini food milk carton, mini toaster tart, mini pineapple, mini banana, mini avocado, mini ginger bread, mini sushi roll and what not. You can give them to your little babies or use them as décor they would not disappoint you.Moreover Pack them in your vacation or your road trip and your baby would not bother you anytime.
  2. Squishable Micros: These are very tiny in size but can be carried to any place you want. They not only fit into your hand or in your purse but will give you the perfect amount of softness that you would want. Some of the variants that it comes into are micro snuggly snail, micro fluffy bunny, micro bumble bee, micro bull dog, micro owl, or in the form of comfort foods that obviously you can’t eat but you can definitely snuggle them like micro grilled cheese, micro gingerbread, micro sushi, micro soft serve ice-cream, micro macarons, micro cupcake, micro toast and many more.
  3. Huge Squishable: These are the giant sized squishables, that you would just want to pile onto and get your book and read or just relax. They are available in massive bean bags like penguin shaped, pug shaped, cinnamon roll bun, werewolf bean bag, cupcake shaped, Narwhal bean bags, panda bean bags and octopus bean bags. Not only are these super snuggly, but you want to grab them and lean on them every time.
  4. Weirdly shaped squishables: Apart from the regular shaped squishies, there are certain weirdly shaped squishables that you would want to own, if not for pleasure but for their shapes. For eg. State shaped squishies, sea, university logos, skull shaped. You can decorate your home and look at your friends, how they react on this.

How to clean your Squishable Toy?

While it is really important to take care of these cuddly squishables, it is equally important to clean them at regular intervals, so that they look as pristine and as squishy as they were when you bought them. Moreover, squishables are made of polyester, which means they are absolutely artificial and will absorb everything like any other stuffed toy or pillows absorb which includes sweat, dust, humidity, drool and so on. If not cleaned from time to time it may impact the durability of your squishable. So here are few facts related to cleaning of your squishable.