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DIY Plush Toys Hammock For Organizing And Storing Loads Of Stuffed Animals

Well, it is quite difficult to save some space when we have toddlers at home. I feel, every mother would agree on this. Toy hammocks are a great way to keep all your toddler’s toys at one place and also they look great when you hang them in different corners of your baby’s room so that nothing is strewn here and there. So here I am, helping you with some great DIY ideas to make your own hammocks and store your baby’s all the stuffed toys and animals at one place. Also, these would not pinch your pocket and are quite easy and quick to make.

1. No Sew Toy hammock pattern.

This is a super easy hammock pattern and just requires a fitted sheet and few screws. So the fitted sheet used here just has elastic at the ends. But, one can use that one also, that is elasticized all around, it would just give a different look.

This DIY no sew hammock patterns requires just an hour to make and is quiet easy on your pocket.


  1. Fitted sheet with elastic at the ends.
  2. Screws, 3 in number.
  3. A drilling machine.


  1. First, the fitted sheet is folded into half. Then a screw is drilled right in the middle of the elastic side, towards the corner where the hammock is to be hanged.
  2. Again two more screws are drilled into the edges of the folded sheet, along the walls.
  3. It should look like a triangle cot hanged along the wall.
  4. Now, the toy hammock pattern is ready and you can easily pile up all your baby’s stuffed toys.

Tips / Alternatives:

  1. You can also use a crib sheet instead of a fitted sheet.
  2. You can also use screw-in hooks or grommets, if available.

2. Net Robe hammock pattern:

This toy storage hammock is made from net material and is very effortless to make. A simple tip, for grabbing the net material you can either use unused curtains, or you can buy them from the clearance sale. It is very light in weight but can accommodate a large number of stuffed toys.

Now, let us know the process and the requirements.


  1. Net material of decent size or the size of your requirement.
  2. 1 ply Yarn
  3. Yarn needle
  4. A Pair of Scissors
  5. 2 pack of hooks with hardware
  6. A pencil
  7. A measuring tape
  8. A screwdriver


  1. First step is to cut the net fabric into required size. It should be rectangular shape.
  2. Then the length side is folded into half.
  3. Thread the needle with the yarn and sew it on both the ends leaving 3 inches from the end side, giving it a fan shape on the ends. This will prevent the net slipping through the yarn. You can decide on the length from the end side that is to be stitched based on the size of the fan you want.
  4. Continue this step throughout the entire length, to make a fabric bunch.
  5. Once the threading is done, wrap the yarn around the fabric bunch for about 5 to 6 times, followed by wrapping the ends below the layers of the yarn to create a nice spot that can be hanged on the hook. Finally tie the ends of the yarn strongly to get rid of the falling of the net. As this will hold all the weight of the things kept in the hammock, so make sure there are ample layers that can hold the required weight. Also, make sure that the hammock is not too loose or too tight otherwise it would not hold the toys properly.
  6. When one side of the net is done, repeat the same process for the other side of the net.
  7. Decide on the place of the wall, where you would want to hang your hammock. Go for a height that is easily reachable.
  8. Next, hold the hammock against the wall and dot the installation of hook loops on the wall using a pencil.
  9. Measure the height of pencil marks using a measuring tape and adjust the height accordingly to make it even.
  10. Fix the hooks on the wall and hang the hammock on the hooks.
  11. Fill your hammock with the toys and you are done.

Tips/ Alternatives:

  1. Use Screw in hooks instead of sticky hooks as they could render more weight and thereby hold toys more effortlessly.
  2. Personalize your hammock using different colored nets or embroidered net material, different yarn colors as per your child’s interest.
  3. You can even add dangling pompoms to make your hammock look more creative and plush.

3. A real quick DIY hammock with little expense.

This is the most easy DIY storage hammock, that doesn’t require much effort and can be made with very little investment.


  1. A piece of fabric with dimensions of your requirement, cut into square shape.
  2. A lace piece of the length of the fabric piece.
  3. Some hooks or nails to hang the hammock.
  4. One pack of bias tape.


  1. In the first step cut the fabric into a triangle shape. Alternatively, if you have a bigger sized fabric, fold the fabric of the desired size into a triangle shape and cut off the excess.
  2. Next in, fold the ends of the bias tape and sew them over and below the fabric, just like sandwiching the fabric into the bias tape and do it all throughout the length, sew it around 4 to 5 inches more above the length of the fabric.
  3. Do it for the other side of the triangle in the similar fashion, leaving the largest length of the triangle.
  4. Now, create loops on all the sides of the bias tapes that are sewed by folding them back and sewing. So you would have around three loops on the top of each triangle side.
  5. Take the lace trim and sew it on the largest side of the triangle.
  6. Now hang the hammock onto the wall, by measuring the height and screwing the hooks and the hanging hammock is ready to be loaded with the stuff toys.