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Build A Giant Or Medium Size Bear Plush At Home Or Workshop

Cute and Snuggly, these soft bear plush and stuffed animals are sure to be loved by everyone, be it your little one, your pets, your family or you. They not only give you that perfect hug but let your little ones be more creative and pass their time with complete enjoyment. Stuffed teddy bear themed toys are excellent companion for children and adults. Moreover, Bear Plush are most adorably loved by little kids and young girls. So, why not surprise your kids by building one for them or may be let them build one. But How? Well, the answer is right in this article. Read on and you will know.

While you can find a plethora of YouTube videos that explains very well on how to make those perfect stuffed animals, in different varieties shapes, sizes, colors and methods. Well, to be honest they are really good, especially when you are on budget and you want to gift these to some of your niece, your friend or your own kids. You just need to purchase few things or simply teddy bear making kit, search for a pattern, follow the instructions and you have your teddy bear ready. It would just take a couple of hours to complete the project. It may be worth the time and money spent but what if you get your kids involved in this complete process. By involving them, I don’t mean just letting them see what you are doing or aiding you at certain points during the process. So, by involving them, I mean is putting them across at every step right from creating their teddy bears to accessorizing them and giving them life. It would be great right especially imagining how much fun your child would have when he pursues every single step all by himself and you just aiding him. So, for this, you may even attend a local workshop and learn to assemble and customize such perky toys. It is not only fun but also builds a connection between you and the toy.

For the workshops, you can look at your nearby area and join one. They not only offer teaching some of the amazing plush companions for the children and adults. This amazing experience can be had online or at the stores, you just need to check. Moreover, building a teddy plush by your own self, creates a beautiful connection between the owner and the toy just like a relationship you never want to let go. And if your child builds his own stuffed animal then you can know how they would feel. Well, they will craft a friend that will always be there with him, when nobody else would not be.

So, you can make different types of plush toys ranging from typical teddy bears to monkeys, dogs, bunnies, foxes, lions or their very own panda. Other than the regular ones, they can even create some specially themed stuffed animals inspired by certain movie characters like the angry word, Winnie the pooh, Disney inspired bears and princess, Peppa Pig and what not. In these stores, you can not only dress up your teddy bear with the most adorable and colorful fun outfits but you can accessorize your teddy with various things like hat, glasses, socks and shoes. The outfit part is just the beginning, you can even equip your new friend with a range of accessories like hair brush, sunglasses to add depth and individuality to your teddy bear. This is just not it, you can even add a ninja sword or buy your teddy his own pet and see the real fun happening. With so much to do to your beloved teddy bear, why would anyone resist to not join these kinds of workshops. Would not it be great for you and your kid to join something like this, that would let both of turn crafty and creative! It will for sure.

Apart from these features that you can upgrade your teddy bear to, there are certain magical features that can bring your toy teddy to life. Yes, it’s true. After getting the customized look of your teddy bear, you can add scent, heartbeat and sound into your teddy. To add more, you can even record your own phrases in a cutesy voice that you would want to hear again and again. And Voila! Your new bestie teddy friend is ready to talk to you, to cuddle with you, and to hug you!

Build A Bear Workshop

One of the most established and renowned workshop is Build A Bear, a place which not only sells all sorts of stuffed animals and teddy bears but also is a place which your children and even you are going to love. This is the place where your kid can build his own bear, according his own liking, his own imagination and his own creativity. Forget about your kid, this place is even for adults with no age bar, so go with your kid or your family. This place is going to give you memories that would last a lifetime. A very interactive, hands-on process where you can create your own fuzzy friends. In the start, you would be welcomed by a Bear Builder who would take you through the complete process of this workshop. This workshop has seven steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Choose Me: Pick the type of teddy friend.
  2. Hear Me: Add a nice sound.
  3. Stuff Me: Customize your work with different effects like sound, stuffing, scent and their iconic heart with the wishes
  4. Hug Me: Hug your buddy to see whether it is rightly stuffed.
  5. Dress Me: Give your buddy a nice style, by dressing and accessorizing it.
  6. Name Me: name your first creation
  7. Take Me Home: Now set out on an adventure with your own teddy buddy.

Apart from the workshop, you can even have your very own Customized Build-A-Bear Workshop Party, with packages fitting any budget. Choose one and enjoy!


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Although the workshop is not on the budget side but surely on the pricier side. The experience is going to be incredible for everyone. When you see your kids make a bear with their own imagination, then you would certainly know what this means. With so many options that you can choose from, it may be quite difficult decision for your kid to make. Obviously, it should be something, that is completely constructed by your kid, because he is going to have his one of a kind friend that he might keep for the longest time. Hence, this workshop is going to be one of the most memorable experience of his life. So, this birthday, make your child happy and let him fly high. Take him to such kind of workshop and see the magic happening in front of you. You will be mesmerized by your kid’s smiles and those curious eyes saying thank you every time you see him.