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Where To Get Big Stuffed Animals? Can We Order Plush Online ?

Kids are kids! They love anything that attracts, adores them or intrigues them. They want anything and everything that catches their small and expressive eyes. Be it any play tool or any stuffed animal. But we can’t buy just anything for them. We have to be very meticulous while making any choice for them. And we all do work on that not only just for toys but for everything related to them, their food, their clothes, their bath time, their all regular activities.
Just like any other activity their play time is as important. We must consider and take care of every little aspect of their play time. One of the major aspects is what kind of toys are we giving to our kids to play. Because any toy that is not meant for their age, or is designed in a way that it has sharp edges that it might hurt our kids. Moreover, it would be a great idea if we do some kind of planning or a research of what to look out for while buying these cute and cuddly stuffed animals for our kids. So, here is a checklist that might help you in buying a kid his lovable stuffed animal.

Guidelines for buying stuffed animals

  • Look for labels in the toy: Before buying any stuffed animal read the label that is tagged in the stuffed animals body. This contains all the information like the preferable age, how to wash, and other necessary information regarding the toy. This would help you enlist only those toys which are right for your kid.
  • Avoid toys with sharp edges: Hunt for the stuffed animals that do not have any sharp edges and have smooth surfaces, as they might hurt the kid badly.
  • Avoid toys with protruding parts: Those bulging out parts in the toys may harm your kid. They could chew them and they are very dangerous for the kids. Look for the eyes or the buttons that could come out easily, so that the kids do not ingest them.
  • Look for toys that have cotton or wool stuffing: The cotton is the safest stuffing for kid’s stuffed animals. Completely neglect those stuffed animals that have polystyrene beads as stuffing. They are very dangerous and can be easily swallowed by kids and this might cause severe problems to his lungs, if they ingest in.
  • Also check if any stringy thing is attached to the stuffed animal, should not be very pointy, in terms of ribbon, hair. It should be smooth.
  • Further the label tagged on the stuffed animal should mention that the toy is flame resistant, if made from any such fabric.


So these were some of the pointers that one should absolutely consider when buying plushies for your kids.

Where to find these giant stuffed animals?

Now, where do we find the humongous stuffed animals. These humongous or giant stuffed animals are not great for young children but add charm to our homes also. While the mini or medium sized stuffed animals could be found at any regular toy store or gift store but the humongous once are rare to find. Only the big brands or stores that are specific to manufacturing stuffed animals and plushies sells giant stuffed animals.

Today there are certain manufacturers that can construct a giant plushy based on your choice. You may have to research a bit on this but it would be worth the result. One of my friend got one made for her home, she loves plushies and so she researched over the internet and found some great options. She met a few and discussed what she wanted and got it made. So, I feel this is also a great idea to invest into. You can customize your plushy according to the animal type, stuffing and how giant you want your stuffed animal to be.

Another place where you can get plushies is online. Yes, like everything Plushies are also available online. You just type on google and you will hundred options and you can select the best one according to your comfort and liking. While there are certain kinds of risks that you may have to encounter. So before moving on, make sure to read all the terms and conditions, the features and specifications and also the return criterion, if in case the product is not according to your expectations. I also have some pointers on what should one consider while making any online purchase for these cutesy and snuggling stuffed animals which are listed below.

  • Check the dimension: It is the most important parameter to note what is the dimension of the plushy that you are looking for. Because sometimes the dimensions are not mentioned on the product and you end up getting the product that is very small and not worth your money. If you have any confusion with the sizes you should always talk to their customer service.
  • Age: Most of the stuffed animals and plushies come with an information tag that notifies the age it is perfect for. You can’t buy a plush animal that is meant for 3 years of age when your kid one year old. So take care of this.
  • Washing information: It is really important to check the washing instructions mentioned on the product. Kids do make their toys dirty and it is recommended to wash your kids teddy or whatever stuffed animal he has every once in a while. Not only this would keep the toy durable for longer years but also you would not have to worry about the infections your kid might get when he plays with it. The stuffed animals should be home washable or have a washing method mentioned on them so that it is easier for your to wash.
  • Material used in making the stuffed animals: Stuffed animals should be made of the stuff that is not only cozy and soft your kid but also is harmless, if in case it gets into their mouth. Not only the outer coat or covering but the inner stuffing should be made of good quality material. As mentioned earlier polystyrene stuffing should be critically avoided.

Online shopping of stuffed animals can get tricky if does not pay much heed to the instructions and specifications of any product. If you know what you want and read all the notes carefully, I am sure you will not have any bad experience of shopping these cuddly non-living beings online. You just have to be alert and well informed before buying and I promise you would have a happy shopping experience and who knows with one great experience you may fill up your home with all sorts of stuffed animals that not only your kids love but also make your home as beautiful as ever!