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Awesome Real Looking Large Stuffed Animals Add Beauty To Home

Plush toys have been in existence since ages. Not only they make great toys for our toddlers and young kids but are also great for our pets who could snuggle them every time and anytime when we are around or not around. Additionally, they also add up to accentuate the beauty of our home. These awesomely squishy plush toys are a must-have in everybody’s home. So, there is an endless list of these huggable stuffed animals which you can not only buy for your home or even can gift them up during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Everyone loves to cuddle and plushies or stuffed animals are great for that loner cuddling and with our toddlers and kids, why are they so important to them. These stuffed animals are everybody’s toys, whether young or old. So let us find out the reasons why we all love our plushies and stuffed animals.

Reasons kids love their stuffed animals

  1. Plushies boost up nurturing in kids. Children love to boss around especially when they see adults doing this. So stuffed animals are their only mode that lets them to play adults showcase their care and discipline. Stuffed animals become their babies that are perfectly taken care of and they carry them all around. Plushies are humanoid, light in weight, cushiony in texture and moreover, when a child plays with a stuffed toy, it expands the realms of imagination which is really important for their mental and communal development.
  2. Stuffed animals or Plushies always smile. These stuffed animals are not living beings so obviously they are prone to any upheavals of life. Drop them as many times, tear them or kick them, let them sit alone or slap them but they are not going to leave their smile. Forget about kids, they can even be great for their owners, as when anyone looks at them they are always giving that reassuring smiles that you would want when you come home. These fuzzy, cheerful faces actually make the world a more nicer place for kids, who are not aware of the actual nitty gritties of life but for elders too. Everyone could be disappointed with the kids but their stuffed animals would not. They would still have that happy, smiling face.
  3. You get the best hugs from your Plushies. That warm, squishy feeling that you get when you hug your stuffed animals is truly incredible and these cuddly creatures do not mind the length or the intensity of their hug. This irrepressible soft hug can do wonders for kids and, leave kids, would not we adults love to snuggle them up when we know that this hug is sacrosanct and unquestionable.
  4. Stuffed animals are easy to wash. We all know that kids love to carry their snuggies and stuffed toys, they do not care whether it is a washroom or a kitchen, they would pick them up from one area and may leave them to another area. So, cleaning them up is really important and a quick run through your washing could get the job done for medium and small-sized stuffed animals. But for larger ones, I would be letting you know the procedure in the later section of the article.
  5. Stuffed animal toys are durable. They could last for a lifetime if taken care of properly as they do not break, bend or dent. All of your kid’s toys may break or fall apart but these plushies would not. They can be carried to any place. If they start to rip off, they can be sewn with thread. So they are actually durable and last for long.
  6. Stuffed animals beautify our homes. Whether large or small, we all have a corner in our home that is dedicated only to our snuggly stuffed animals and plushies. They not only greet us with their heartwarming smiles but let us get cosy into their soft bodies. The large animals can sit in any area of our home and accentuate its beauty completely that any home décor item cannot do. Apart from being loved by kids, youngsters, pets and adults, they definitely become a part of our home and add that irrepressible warmth and homely character to our home. Even if we are alone, we can snuggle our animals and just lay in their arms cosily.

How to wash your large stuffed animals at home?

Small and medium sized plushies can be laundered into the washing machine but what about the larger stuffies, which could not be fit into a washing machine. So how do we wash them?
This process below could help you.

  1. Take away any accessories or clothes that your stuffed animal is wearing and wash them separately.
  2. Put or lay your stuffed animal on a large sheet or a tarp sprinkle some baking soda over the animal. Let that baking soda to sit on your animal for atleast one hour to ingest any unpleasant smell.
  3. After an hour dust off or run a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any baking soda from your stuffed animal.
  4. Now fill your basin or a large tub with warm water and add a tablespoon of good quality upholstery cleaning agent or your laundry detergent. If using for the first time do a patch test of this detergent to know it does not harm the fur or the color of your stuffed animal. Do this my mixing some detergent in some warm water and place this on the bottom inconspicuous spot of your stuffed animal.
  5. If you are sure of your detergent then, you can either submerge the whole animal into the tub and scrub off the dirt using a soft bristled brush or you can take a clean white cloth dampen it in the solution and rub it over the animal in gentle motions. Continue to do this until you feel it is clean.
  6. After this place the animal into a tub filled with cool water and squeeze the animal to rid of the excess water. Again, if using washcloth then take a clean one and rub in the similar way as you did earlier. You may have to rinse or rub your animal multiple times to get rid of all the soap solution from it.
  7. After cleaning dry your stuffed animal in the fan or on the clothesline.
  8. Lastly, when your animal is dried, gently comb it with a clean brush to clear off any tangles or snarls on the animal body. Finally dress your animal with the clean clothes and accessories.

Owning a large stuffed animal is great for the positives that they give us but cleaning them at regular intervals is equally important. These life-like characters do enhance our lives with their exhilarating smiles that we cannot get from any other toy.